Excel Implicit Conversion Operator causing problem

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Hi all,
I am using an RPA Automation tool to write a FILTER formula. Problem is when I write that formula excel automatically adds the implicit conversion operator which makes my formula look like this : =@FILTER(A2:S477,R2:R477="A").
I did not write that @ in the formula, that is something which excel added automatically.
I want to know how can I avoid this @ addition by excel.
I can't go ahead and manually delete this(which gives correct results) because I am using BluePrism RPA tool. So I'll be needing maybe a modification in the formula to get the same job done.

Any advices/suggestions are welcome
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If that's exact formula and implicit intersection operator appears only if you use RPA, when afraid that question is more to BluePrism RPA people.

I guess what I am asking is : is there a way to not have @ added in excel? A way to bypass it?


Short answer - not. It is added automatically if calc engine suspect that dynamic arrays could be not supported, other words adds former silent implicit intersection in explicit form. That's only to rebuild formulas in pre-DA style. 


Another story why calc engine think so in your case if you open the file in 365 Excel. That's if only RPA affects somehow.


I forgot about this setting


Try to play with it if helps.