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I'm looking for help on fixing a graphics issue with images that are used in formulas.


here is the issue,


I am using a simple formula to look up and get an image. however my original image that's in the cell is clean and clear with no bounding box. When the formula runs, it returns the new image with a bounding box.


This would not matter too much if it was on a white background, however, the image is in a colored cell. 


Any help would be appreciated


See images results below


Bounding Box Issue.jpg

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Hello @Dmichaud65,


Perhaps you could share your formula or a sample workbook to facilitate testing?


Here is the procedure

Hope this helps




Hello @Dmichaud65,


I have repeated your steps with a different image and cannot duplicate the grey border. Could you please share your sample file so that I can test this issue further?


Thanks for the help

but I found the answer, while I was writing this to you.


Try it with an image that has transparency. 100% you will see the bounding box. its looks like its carring over the cell grid. OMG! what a thought. I went to view and removed show gridlines and Perfect! no more white frames.


Thanks for the help





Wonderful! I'm glad you found a solution!