EXCEL IF statement

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What is wrong with my statement, "Configurator!C42" has a value of 64 but result is 0, not 1? 


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The expression C42>96<115 does not work as you probably intended.  And frankly, it is nonsensical.


I suspect you mean 96<C42<115; that is, the value of C42 is between 96 and 115.


But even that does not work in Excel.  Instead, we must write AND(96<C42, C42<115).


For your formula, we might write:


=IF(AND(96<Configurator!C42, Configurator!C42<115), 1,

  IF(AND(48<Configurator!C42, Configurator!C42<68), 1,

  IF(Configurator!C42<=8, 1, 0)))




=IF(OR(AND(96<Configurator!C42, Configurator!C42<115),

  AND(48<Configurator!C42, Configurator!C42<68), Configurator!C42<=8), 1, 0)


Thank you... I'll revise my formula