Excel - I want to get the excel sheet to display a Picture on the Next sheet..

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Hi there, I've had a stroke so.. Bear with me..  LOL


Sheet 1 - B40 on the Sheet to automatically display a Picture From the Next Sheet (Sheet 2) - A1


Hope this makes sense.

    A40          B40
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You want to display a picture in Sheet 1, cell B40 that is located in Sheet 2, cell A1?
If I understand it correctly…
Here are the steps to achieve this in Excel:
1. Insert the picture that you want to display in Sheet 2, cell A1. To do this, click on the "Insert" tab in the ribbon and then click on "Picture".
2. Select the picture file that you want to insert and then click on "Insert".
3. Resize and position the picture as needed in cell A1.
4. Go back to Sheet 1 and select cell B40.
5. Type the following formula in the formula bar at the top of the screen: =Sheet2!A1
6. Press enter to apply the formula. You should now see the picture that you inserted in Sheet 2, cell A1 displayed in Sheet 1, cell B40.
That's it! The picture should now be displayed in Sheet 1, cell B40 and it will automatically update if you make changes to the picture in Sheet 2, cell A1.

@NikolinoDE : 

So Close, but I don't want the Picture to end up at Sheet1 A1, Only to have the Sheet changed to Sheet 2 A1

I think this is only possible with VBA.


That's what I was afraid of...  Oh well, Thanks to you guys..