Excel I need to separate the data six by six.

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Hi guys i have a data homework to do.I am trying to do that at excel.

So the situation is i have got 2000 data in one row.

I need to separate this data six by six.

For example the data i got




the data i want to get







Thank you.

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Here is the answer for you.
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 In addition to the formula @Starrysky 1988 sent you, here is a link with other approaches, such as with VBA. 

How to move every other row to column in Excel

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If you are office365 users, you may use dynamic array formula as below.


An alternative could be to manually enter formulas =A2, =A3, =A4, =A5, =A6, =A7 in cells B2, C3, D4, E5, F6 and G7.

Then select range B2:G7 and fill down to row 28 in the attached example.

Then copy range B2:G28 and paste only values.

Now select only blanks with ctrl+G and delete blanks with right mouseclick and delete cells.


Hope WRAPROWS function ( will be available soon for everyone, not only insiders.

Thank you for your answer I've been dealing with this all day finally i figured it out.
thank you so much
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