Excel - How to shade a cell in a table, once it's been copied and pasted.

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I'm wanting to shade cells in a table once they've been copied and pasted to another location in the same sheet.  Thanks!

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Usually if your original table is already shaded you can check if it was "shaded" by conditional formatting or manually shaded. If it is based on conditional formatting, you need to adjust the logic behind so it can be dynamical when you paste everything to another place. 


Well, you need to give us more details about your copy and paste action. Data only, data with formats, only formats, etc. 

Because we can, lets say, "prepare the terrain" where your data will be pasted with some conditional formatting logic. But you need to give us the details mentioned before.




Thanks for your reply.  I'm trying to populate a schedule.  I have a list of names in column...I copy and paste them into the schedule.  I would like to see which names I copied so I can keep track of who is left without having to keep double checking to match names copied to names still on the list.


I've used a similar schedule in the past and when I pasted a name into the schedule...the cell where the list of names is would change the font color of the name after being pasted somewhere else in the same sheet.  Hope that helps..thanks!

@Mkolpek Perhaps the examples in the attached workbook will be helpful.

@Riny_van_Eekelen I wasn't able to figure out how to apply that to my application.  Here is what I'm trying to do...I have the Employees on the right...and I copy / paste their names into the schedule on the left (which I'm showing just a small portion of).  When I paste them...I would like their name to change somehow either by font or cell the employee name column.  Thanks!




@Mkolpek Understood. The screenshot doesn't show and cell reference, so it will be difficult to give you the correct rule for conditional formatting for your workbook. So, upload the file without any confidential information or try to replicate the second example from the file I uploaded. List 1 would then be equivalent to the list with all employees. List 2 contains the names you copied to the schedule on the left.

@Riny_van_Eekelen The Z column is where I want to see the name change font or cell color.  thanks!

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@Mkolpek Like so? See attached.

Yes...that's it exactly. What did you do?

@Riny_van_Eekelen I see the rule now...conditional formatting based upon duplicate value.  I think I can copy that into my master copy and make it work...thanks!

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