Excel how to hide #DIV/0!

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I am using this formula =SUM(60*I6)/(E6*F6) for a spreadhseet.  If my cells are empty I would like to hide the error #DIV/0!.  I have tried the IFERROR function but it says I have entered too few arguments.  Can someone help me?

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To return an empty string (blank cell) instead of the error value, the format for IFERROR should be:


Does that work for you? If not, can you share what you are trying?

@HERSRATER Good afternoon, use the function in this way =IFERROR(SUM(60*I6)/(E6*F6),"") or in your case the If function =IF(and(F6=0,E6=0),0,SUM(60*I6)/(E6*F6))

@flexyourdata Thank you!  That works.  Just trying to get that cell hide the error.  Thanks again