Excel horizontal scrolling Shift/Ctrl-Shift & mouse up-down wheel (worked before on Windows)

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I have seen a lot of discussions on this topic, and it is still mind-boggling that there is still no solution after 7-8-9 years...


The situation is this (after reading different forums & communities):

- before, on Windows, it was possible to use the Shift (or Shift-Ctrl) button + mouse-wheel up/down to scroll horizontal in Excel (!)

- now it seems that a lot of users are complaining about this and cannot use this anymore (as myself)

- even with the special Microsoft Arc mouse (which can scroll horizontal in all other applicatons) it is also not possible (tested myself!) Where is the logic in that?? So why people would buy this then??

- on Mac all works fine: with the Mac bluethooth keyboard & touch-mouse completely no issue on horizontal scrolling in excel (and all other applications from Office on Mac) !!!

- with the Mac touch-mouse also not possible on Windows computer in Excel (!) (cannot even scroll then vertical)

- in Google Docs this is possible (!!) (or is the aim to direct people to Google as new customers??)


Appologies, but where is the logic in this whole situation????


People who use Excel (and other applications) intensely work mostly (to work very fast & efficient) with keyboard (and shortcuts) and sometimes, if not otherwise possible, icw. mouse (but as less as possible).


In Excel, with large spreadsheets as we have for bigger projects, we need the shortcut to scroll horizontally very fast/easy from the keyboard and mouse (not whole time moving mouse around on a screen, this is too time-consuming, that is why shortcuts have been invented, especially for the professional or intese users).


So don't (again) come with your standard answers like: 

- on the right-bottom corner you can...

- with the arrows you can...


The combination of keyboard & mouse (as before) is so much faster (and less time-consuming)! Respect your users and bring this feature back (or fix it for all users as it seems for some it works and others not).


Microsoft, get this fixed, this is completely not logical (and already for so many years)!



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@Yannic_Belgium I use a ROCCAT mouse and can press the scroll wheel and then just move the mouse forward/backward, let/right to scroll the grid. No keyboard interaction needed.