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I want a cell with a Data Validation list to populate one of the list options if another cell/series count equals more than “0”(zero).....
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Please cite an example of the data and result you want.
Column V: =Countif(G7, “>$0”)
Column W: Data Validation list with 8 options

I want Column W to populate the first option from the list “Opportunity” IF the prior cell is greater than zero.
.... (pls see attached picture if you can as my symbols appear to adjust above once I post this message)

Just for reference, I am only “okay” at Excel so please give me laymen’s instructions if you can 😬 ty for your help!!
Hello Rikki,
It appears that your attached picture has not been uploaded. Could you try to re-upload your example?
So sorry, I thought it attached. Just loaded as PDF. Please confirm you can view:)
Just to clarify, you would like cell W1 to hold the value "Opportunity" if cell G7 is greater than $0?


In the attached file, I have 2 sets of formulas for the Source box. The first allows you to select "Opportunity" (if applicable), then Other Options, like this: 


The second allows you to select All Options (if applicable); otherwise, it only allows you to select All Other Options, excluding "Opportunity", like this: 


Note the following names defined in Sheet2: