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I am trying to scan or input a old spreadsheet into excel. My orginal speadsheet is in my old laptop that has been lock by a hacker  What i have is 6 pages of inventory that need to be updated and input into a new

 spreadsheet on MS 365. I have try everything on the interent and just will not work. Can anyone help me plz.

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Are those 6 pages on physical paper, or in a file? If the former, take pictures of them and then download Android Excel to use the get data from picture feature. If the latter, which file format?
Hello, thank you for your responed on my problem. I have all my date on physical paper but if i did the get data from picture feature, will I be able to edit any data on the elcel doc. if not how can I proceed with that . Thank you if you can help me on that
Yes, you will be able to edit that data