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I am looking for a specific function on excel.

I am hoping if I put a name in one cell, that I can set a different cell to recognise the name and input a specific figure.

As an example in cell c3 I put my name LUKE

I would like cell c26 to recognize cell c3 has my name in it and automatically input the number 5.

Any assistance would be very helpful

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I guess that's simple IF() if you check only one specific cell, or INDEX/MATCH if you check the range

I agree with Sergei’s guess. Shortly stated, you only have those 2 cited choices, depending on what type of data you have and what result you want to achieve therefrom.

How would I go about inputting that though?

I have tried just typing IF(C3"Luke") and it just recognises as text. I have tried with = in front and it says there is a problem with the formula.???

Take it away, Sergei!

I'd recommend to check https://support.office.com/en-us/article/if-function-69aed7c9-4e8a-4755-a9bc-aa8bbff73be2 and, even better, this template if you File->New


In brief,

=IF(C3="Luke", "Correct answer", "Nope, not me")