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Hello everyone,


I have some question for Excel.

I wanna know if there is any tool or formula that can help me with this problem.


Below is the picture in workbook. On the left side, you can see 10 reels (cable reels) with appropriate quantity of cable on it (in ft and m). On the right side, you can see cable routes (colored with blue) and their approx. lenght.

Now, my question is: -  is there maybe some formula or tool, that can sort me lenght of the routes, with lenght of the reels ? Or even better, is there any tool that can sum the routes (1,2,3 or even more) and assign them to to the appropriate reel lenght ? I have to redistribute lenght of the routes on the lenght of the reels.

I hope that is understandable.


Thank you very much. 




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a none Microsoft site


Hope I could help you with these link.



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