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I was having an issue with a column of "if" statements in my spreadsheet.  I was wanting to get a total of true "if" statements for that week.  Each day of the week has =IF(F6<=TIME(12,0,0),"*","") to calculate if a person is coming back to work with less than 12 hours off.  If so the cell will leave a "*" indicating that you qualified for quick turnaround pay.  


I used =COUNTIF($G$3:$G$9,"*") for the column but I'm not getting the correct results.  That column has if statements with "*" to answer true for that individual cell.  The formula is counting the "*" in each of the if statements.  I need to count the "true" statements in the column not the "*" in the if statements???   

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If you want to count "true", the formula must be like that.
=COUNTIF($G$3:$G$9,"true") or


If you want to count exact "*", the formula must be like that.

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@Kjharris123 The asterisk is seen as a wildcard character, so everything gets counted. Use "x" rather than "*" to mark and count the qualifying entries.

Yatzeee!  that worked thanks for the insight!!!!!!!@Riny_van_Eekelen