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I'm trying to make a bookkeeping spreadsheets that I will give to my clients to fill out. The spreadsheet, which will consist of 5 tabs..

Tab 1/ work book 1- business name and an area for my clients to put their business start month / year, so work book 4 ( which is a month by month profit and loss report) will automatically start from the month and year that is entered into sheet 1. Eg if clients business started in June 2020 it will start from June and run till May 2021 ( 12 months)

I have no idea how to do this and which formulas I need to look at. Any help would be much appreciated..
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Since what you're creating is (or appears to be) a template, generic until filled in by a client--therefore not containing itself any proprietary info--you could help us help you by providing a copy of your current working model. That way we could give one or two very specific suggestions.


Let me ask you a few questions: are you actually creating five workbooks for each client? As opposed to one workbook with five worksheets in each? And seeing the actual will help with this next question: you mention two of the five workbooks/sheets; what are the remaining three workbooks/sheets?


It's frankly a little worrisome that you end with "I have no idea how to do this and which formulas I need to look at", given that these are bookkeeping spreadsheets and therefore have accounting and presumably some legal importance attached to being accurate and reliable. Have you checked out existing templates at all?

Thank you for your reply.

I realise my question wasn't very clear. The spreadsheet will be 1 workbook with 5 worksheets.
worksheet 1 - A business set up page where the client can enter their business start date.

Worksheet 2 - clients can enter business expenses

Work sheet 3- client can enter sales

Work sheet 4 - a month by month p&l report. I would like the report to automatically start from month and date entered in worksheet 1 (set up page). Also the report will sort expenses and sales from worksheet 2/ 3 into relevant months.
Worksheet 5- will be a dashboard with all relevant data.

I agree with what you said about it being worrisome giving a spreadsheet to clients I'm not a 100% confident with. I will definitely not being doing this. I work with accounting software that I'm confident with but clients with simple businesses do not always want to use software like quickbooks, which is why I have been working on this.

Admittedly I am rusty with excel. I will be enrolling on some courses this month!

Thanking you in advance

Ps. I'm trying to attach photos but for some reason It won't let me.



Thanks for answering. You also wrote: Ps. I'm trying to attach photos but for some reason It won't let me. 


And to that I want to say, please don't take time with photos; they're generally not very helpful. What I'd asked for is a copy of the spreadsheet/workbook itself. With that I (or one of the other folks here) could give specific suggestions. You should be able to drag and drop the file, from a directory listing, or from your desktop, to the bottom of any message you are in the process of creating.