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Hi all, I’m fairly new to excel and don’t know how half of it works but I’ve had to create spreadsheets for my coursework and they need to be saved as a PDF to be able to hand in. When I go to save these as PDF ‘s it splits my sheet up into multiple pieces creating 80 sheets or shrinks my work too much, I can’t figure out how to make my work fit to the a3 size I’d like without it being cut off in inconvenient places. I’ve adjusted fit to page, orientation and page size but nothing seems to be working for me. I’ve attached some examples below to make more sense of what I’m trying to get across. Thanks in advance any tips/advice is welcome
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You wrote: I’m fairly new to excel and don’t know how half of it works but ...


I doubt though that you're claiming that you DO know how the other half works, right?


On a more serious note: this doesn't even look like Excel is the appropriate part of the Microsoft Office Suite to be using for your project. I have no doubt that you picked it--maybe even somebody else [perhaps even a faculty member] recommended it--because it has these nice rows and columns to arrange images and text; you can even have them appear with borders around the various rows and columns for clarity. However, you're definitely not using Excel for the kind of analytical or database work it is really suited.


But guess what: Microsoft Word can do the same thing. And it's actually easier to do formatting of text in the cells. You just create a table. And you'll be able to see where the page breaks are as you go along. So it's easy to adjust the size of images--which is doubtlessly part of your problem here--making them smaller or larger as needed. The whole project though would be easier to manage in Word. And the good news is that you should be able to just copy and paste from Excel into Word.


That would be my recommendation.