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I have an excel sheet with four columns - ABCD used for various, D being a dollar figure.  It is a long list of I at top is the grand total of that dollar amount.

I need to add a dollar amount that will subtract from that total.  Where should i put it, and what is the formula?


Thank you

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Unless there are reasons why the Table has to stay at the top of the sheet, you could simply move it down a few rows to make room for the supplementary calculation.


@Peter Bartholomew thank you, but you have to dumb it down for me, ha!

I'd like to leave tables as is, my boss likes it for now.

I have no idea how to do the actual calculation and how to place it.  Or formula i guess


The main problem could be that I use defined Names rather than cell references to refer to data.  From the picture it seems that I have used the name 'Total' for cell $D$2 and 'deduction' for cell $D$3.  'Values' refers to the column $D$7:$D$106.  I inserted rows at the top of the sheet to display the additional calculation but you could squeeze it in anywhere convenient to you and it works the same.


p.s. I use defined Names because a care what my data represents and have no interest at all in where it's located.  Most others disagree.

Thank you VERY much, appreciated.