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I am working on creating a spreadsheet that can be used to analyze data to show which teams are performing the best. I have run into a stump, that I can't figure out and am looking for some support. 


Here's my situation - a team potentially can work the same flight, compartment in the same week or month. This is leading Xlookup to only see the first flight information which is creating errors in the rest of the calculations. I'm using FILTER to get the flights, but can't figure out how to get the corresponding date without relaying another piece of data.  Below is showing how my formulas are currently working, but the highlighted value should have different times.  Copy of Excel Sheet 1.png

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@zackwilson11 Not sure I totally understand but I guess that you can just filter columns A and B for a team. That will returns a dynamic array of dates and flights for the selected team. See attached.


That worked, thank you so much!!