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Something weird is going on with a workbook I am using.


I have text within cells, when I print preview, the page seems to add a little on to the row, which is maing some words appear on the 1st row, rather than where it should be, i.e. on the second.


Also, I am using calibri font size 12, and auto height adjust, which changes to 15.75, when I am in print preview, not all of the the top/bottom of text can be seen.


I am unable to produce a sample workbook, however when I add the same text within a merged cell, everything looks as it should.


Therefore I am assuming it is somehting with how this workbook is set up? I know it was created many years ago, and I use 365 for business, not sure if that / some weird formatting has anything to do with it??


Please help.





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Please include your Excel version, sample file, and a bit of context to help others answer your question.

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I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

I have attached a sample workbook, which shows text being chopped off vertically. I do not know if I can get a sample across of the other problem, if I can I will.

I need to get this to a pdf, with all the text showing. I would like to use auto height if possible.


Perhaps I am not the most suitable to give you an answer to your problem,
I realy don't know ...but please allow me to help you so that you can come to an answer.
In order not to annoy you any more, I'll keep it short :).
Please attach a file (without sensitive data) with the given problem.
Explain the problem step by step, based on the inserted file.
Include information about your Excel version (365 for business - is known already)
and operating system.

So you could get an answer much faster and more precisely from the helpers present.

Thank you for your patience and time.


Thanks, I have attached the sample workbook, If I could just get a hand with the height of text being chopped off for now that would be great. No need to know about previous versions of Excel for this, as in my current version I come up with this problem.


Thanks in advance.





Align or justify text


Go to the area with the mouse.

Press the right mouse button.


Window opens and below you will find

click on the command “Format rows…“.


A new window will appear, click on "Alignment" at the top.


Then change the "Text alignment"

in the drop down menu of "Horizontal:"

from "justified" to "standard",

or whichever setting you want.


So the text should be what you want it to be again.


*These steps were created with and for Excel 2016, for all newer Excel versions go to the link above. 


If this does not solve the problem, please let us know so that we can look for a different approach.



This can now be closed, I have raised a separate question and it seems that as I am merging both horizontally and vertically I need to make amendments manually.