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I have a data set of over 200,000 rows. It consists of certain parties (column A) and each their products (column B), however each party has a different amount of products. I need to filter out the parties that have the same product throughout so the parties that have different products are left, which will be investigated further. I don't want to have to look through every single row and party and identify which ones do have a consistent product and which ones do not. I think an IF formula of some kind is best but due to the inconsistent amount of products per party I struggle to know how to create such a formula. 


I have attached a simplified version. As an example I would like to know how to filter out parties A+C as they have the same product throughout.


Many thanks.

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Hi @tommills


Attached is one approach


Note I needed to add trim since some of the Party entries had extra spaces at the end.


Thanks for your help, just wondering what formula you used to achieve the combinations?

Did you look at the attached file? I used & to join them

Oh yes I see, thank you very much