Excel help does not work

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When I try help in excel I get this 


I am signed in and this has been a problem for many months. In word and outlook help works fine so what is the fix? I run Win 11 on a PC.


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One suggestion is to try signing out of your user account and signing in as an administrator.

Then, check if the issue persists in the administrator account.

If the Help feature works in the administrator account, you can try going back to your user account and see if the issue has been resolved.

Another suggestion is to try starting Excel in safe mode by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key while starting Excel.

In safe mode, go to File --> Options --> Add-ins --> Manage COM Add-ins --> Go, and then untick the boxes for all add-ins displayed on the window.

Then select OK, quit Excel, and reopen it in normal mode (not safe mode).


A Windows and Office update is always advisable in advance!


I hope this helps!

Thanks for the help.
I only have a administration account no other. I tried the unticking the add-ins(two Logioptions) and that worked. So I tried reticking the two I unticked then tried help and it still works, so weird.
So sometimes the AddIns are not always happy when there is an update in Excel
...that happens sometimes when the AddIns are not maintained by the creator.
Well, now you know where the problem comes from, one step further :).

I wish you continued success with Excel!
To mention the help in Excel stopped working again after your suggestion it did work for a while. So I will leave the Manage COM Add-ins unticked for the Logioptions. This was to update for others that come across this discussion that the steps earlier did work for a few days but broken again. Thanks for your help again earlier.