Excel hanging with HIGH cpu usage trying to copy and insert rows.

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Excel continues to show HIGH cpu utilization when I try to copy and insert rows or columns.  See screen shots attached.  

it has been doing this for a long time (over 1 yr.) and I've reinstalled Outlook365 several times.  

Now it is showing a new msg in Task Manager:  Microsoft Edge WebView2 repeatedly.


Does anyone know what causes this so I can fix it or change what I'm doing?

This high cpu utilization hangs all Excel sprdshts that I have open (in this case only 2) and Outlook as well.  Only the Edge browser continues to work.


Also you'll see in the attachments, when it does complete it posts and entirely different set of rows which is the entire sprdsht ahs been copied into the original.  See: Screenshot 2022-10-13 104030

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It appears Edge WebView is used to render visuals for Office add-ins:

Do you happen to run any Office add-ins (Not Excel or COM Add-ins)?
Not that I know of. In fact, I don't even know what Office or COM add-ins are. Can I inadvertently trigger such an add-in?
Now when I load the sprdsht it takes several seconds to load. I'm just about to do a Safe Mode open on the sprdsht to see what it shows.
BTW, thanks for the info!
Just ran Excel in safe mode. Still took several seconds to load. Task manager showed 50+% cpu and 95+% memory utilization. This lasted a couple minutes then it populated the Inspection Results Errors screen and the app HUNG there and is still hung but now cpu ~30% & memory ~50% but the app has been hung now for over 20 mins. See screen shots. Is there some way to determine what is causing this? The Errors reported, because the screen is frozen, cannot be accessed.

Sorry cannot attach screen images.


You could try to repair Edge WebView2 Runtime.  This screen cap is from 11 but the path to it in Windows 10 is about the same:




@Patrick2788 - Thanks for the info on Edge WebView2 Runtime.  I've made a note on my support log if I need it in the future.  I began rebuilding the sprdsht from scratch doing segmental copy & paste to avoid bringing over anything that might be hidden.  It took some time but seems to have eliminated the problem.


Attached is the Workbook Statistics data from the OLD and NEW workbooks.  

I don't know how the Image items got into the data but I obviously captured something that Excel did not like! LOL