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Hi. I used the standard world map to chart a table. I noticed that New Zealand isn't shown. Any ideas on how this might be corrected? Be safe, Peter

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Do you mean this map ?


Yes, that's the one! When it loads into Excel, New Zealand isn't shown. I'm using 365 so I assume I've got access to the latest maps.
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Map itself is generated on Bing Map service, it's not within Excel. If you have Map Chart functionality and online connection, result will be the same for any Excel with above.


At the same time Map Chart is quite sensitive to column names and how your data is organized. If you open attached file does it work?

Yes, it works 100%, but I'm out at present so viewing on my phone. When I get home I'll try on my Surface Laptop 3. I'm sure you are right - I'll fiddle about and see if I can get NZ to render. Many thanks!

@Sergei Baklan Okay - I've found what I think is the problem. I loaded your xlsx file on my laptop and, yes, NZ was shown. Then I typed Brazil over New Zealand ... and NZ disappeared from the chart! I took my data set (which doesn't contain NZ and which doesn't show NZ on the chart) and added New Zealand with a random value ... and NZ appeared on the chart! So, it appears as if the 'world' map only shows New Zealand if NZ appears in the data set.