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Hi all,


Does anyone know how to Group and Un-Group columns in Excel while worksheet locked without using Macros or VBA? 

I have a Gantt chart I want to use locking cells I don't want accidentally changed, but want to hide (group) some columns once filled out to maximise Gantt on screen. Thanks Andy710


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@Andy710 Hello, highlight where you want to group at the row or column point then click on the group button, that should work

@iamshyley thanks for the reply, this sounds like how to set up the group, if so I have already set them up, the issue comes when I lock the worksheet it stops me operating the group slider. Is there a way to do this without unlocking the worksheet and not using VBA or Macros as my company disables them.

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@Andy710 yes sir it's possible, all you have to do is, when you click on the protect sheet, automatically "select locked cells" and "select unlocked cells" are ticked while others are not ticked so you will tick the "format column" or "format rows" depending on where your group is, that way it will be possible to use the group button while sheet is locked.


Hope this helps

@iamshyley that worked perfectly for me thank you.