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Hi I have a great amount of data that ramp up from 0 to 2000 and goes back to 0 but occasionally it would only goes up to 200 and then go back to 0.


I wonder what function should I use to find how many times it only goes up to 200 instead of 2000?


Any advise? 

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With your permission, insert a file (without sensitive data) and explain your plan on the basis of this file. So you can hope for a faster and more precise answer.


A detailed description of your Excel version and operating system would be beneficial for everyone.


Thank you for your patience and time



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@RZ_CK1996 ,,


Seems that you are either Filtering the data or using Sort & Group in  both cases you may use formula to count not blank or visible cells, will return total rows appears. 


You may use,,