Excel Graphing - adding third year of data to charts

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I maintain a spreadsheet with data entered daily, now in our third year.

After entering the raw data into one long, ongoing sheet I gather the data into groups of 3 or 4 columns in pivot tables on separate sheets and make the graphs from there. In 2021 I was able to have bar charts with 2020 in front of 2021.  In 2022 I extended columns in Pivot Tables, labeled 2022 like I did in 2021. However,  only the last day's data is showing up in the 2022 Pivot Tables, not cumulative. The remainder of the 2022 data is adding itself to 2021!  I am brain dead trying to determine what I am doing wrong. Help!

Software: Excel MS 365 MSO -V.201Build 16.0

PC -HP Prodesk 



Raw Data: (with most data hidden to fit a small image. Full sheet has 556 lines)



My Pivot Table and Graph for 4 columns of data



the Pivot Fields table for above:



I'm a Creative Assistant, not a coder (LOL) so please go simple with your explanation if you can be my hero.  What do I need to do so: 1) the data subtotals into 2022 Pivot Table colums and 2) Grows the abrs in the charts.





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it is really hard to diagnose just from pictures but it looks to me like it is the FIRST day of 2022 that is shown under the 2022 pivot which is also the only line that specifically shows the year 2022. I guess I would check the date column and make sure the DATEs that are supposed to be in 2022 are really in 2022 and not 2021.

@mtarler  And it was as easy as that. Thank you for your insights!!!