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I'm totally new to using excel since I'm a nurse by profession. I need help trying to create a combo graph with both monthly and quarterly data points. Whenever I insert graph I can't seem to get the orange line to plot (Magnet Mean.) Can anyone help? 



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Hello @tess_v ,


the problem here is that there are not as many data points for the line as there are for the columns, so you need to format the line to connect data points.


Instead of using merged cells, it would be much better to enter the magnet mean into the middle cell of the three column block.


Next, chart the whole data as a line chart with two line series. Now, in the Chart Design ribbon, click "Select Data", then click the button "hidden and empty cells" and select the option "Connect data points with line".  That option is greyed out in a combination or a column chart, but you can select it in a line chart.


The chart now shows blue and orange lines. Next, change the chart type to a combination chart and plot the blue data as column. 2020-10-23_9-20-16.png


Let me know if that helps or if you need more info.

Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it!