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I need your help with axis X. Could you clarify what should I do to keep the scale. At the moment I have seven values and the distance are the same between each of number.Zrzut ekranu 2019-01-10 o 15.13.15.png

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It looks like you values for X are formatted as text, aren't they?

Dear Sergei,


thank you for you replay, my document looks like this. Could you let me know where should I put numbers: 0,15/2,15/4,15/4,19/4,23/4,83/5,43 and keep the scale?Zrzut ekranu 2019-01-10 o 15.42.18.png

I need exactly this graph49622937_1892036380904711_4744821208510365696_n.jpg

Dear, I need exaclty the same graph like this one49622937_1892036380904711_4744821208510365696_n.jpg

For data as this add helper column


Add line chart on first 3 columns


Right click on chart, Select Data, remove first series and change X axis on helper column


Click on X axis to format and select Date axis type.

Select Data and add one more series with Y from first column


Select Data labels and deselect horizontal axis


After that cosmetic, format as desired

This is because you are using the wrong chart type.


Instead of a "line chart", try with a "X Y (Scatter)" chart with lines connecting the dots. This should fix your issue.

Scatter will give the same result

Dear Sergei,

you're awesome! Thank you so much!!!

You are welcome

Dear Sergei, because you are really a master in Excel stuff, could you also advise how could I prepare a common graph for the attached numbers. I need to put it under the main graph in the same scale but something is wrong



To show stacked bar in cumulative scale add one more helper column (E) where the values  are difference between related cell in column A and previous to it. Select that helper column and build stacked bar chart on it.


To add the as labels the values from column A you may from labels format pane (values from cell option) or simply select label box and in formula bar add reference on right cell