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Is there a way to use Excel's Get Data function to connect to a Tableau server workbook to pull data into an Excel workbook? I do not want to manually export from Tableau into Excel.

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This is a good article but does not fully automate the data pull.@SergeiBaklan 


Power Query has no built-in connector to Tableau, thus only third party solutions like this.



If you created any visualization in Tableau, then

Right click that visualization

Select Copy Data

Paste it into Excel

Hope that helps

Nabil Mourad


Hi again,

If you did not create any visualization you can click on the "Data" Menu at the Top

From the drop menu select the Last option (Changes according to the Tableau File active) >>

From the Submenu >>

Select Vie Data >>

A window will open showing all the Source Data >>

In the Upper Right corner of this window >> 

Click "Export ALL" >>

This will give you the option to Export to a .CSV file which can be opened in Excel

Hope That Helps

Nabil Mourad

@nabilmourad I am trying to automate this process.

@Etronson I have researched this issue for a while and the only way to do this is through third-party software.