Excel Gant Chart - end date cell highlit not working

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Hello Experts!

I've downloaded from Excel a Gant timeline template. 

I've deleted the info I didn't need to give me a base to work from thinking that wouldn't affect the functionality of the worksheet.

However now the 'Actual End' column G, highlights columns from 'Actual Start' Column F, all the way through to column BP instead of only filling in cells up to that 'Actual End' date

Please have a look at the uploaded doc which should show what I'm working with

There is obviously some hidden naming conventions or coding or conditional formatting that I've missed.

Can someone help me to fix this please



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Not sure what it shall be for all formatting, but in in Name Manager to change PeriodActual on


it gives



Oops, we need to change PeriodInPlan as well


which gives


Sergei - thank you very much!! Works a treat.