Excel functions automatically being prefixed by @

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I have a problem with Excel workbooks being populated via OLE: if I insert e.g. "SUM(A1:A5)", Excel converts it to "@SUM(A1:A5)". And it doesn't work because I am saving as .xls.

It seems to be related to the language Excel runs, but I am wondering if there is a setting I can turn off to avoid this formula translation?

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How are you writing that formula to Excel exactly? And why save as xls, a format that was superseded 17 years ago?

@Jan Karel Pieterse Actually, I don't think it matters whether I write to .xls or .xlsx. In the program I simply enter the SUM function in the cell. Afterwards when I open the sheet, Excel has changed it to @SUM. Then I get a #NAME error. When I change @SUM to SUM using global replace, everything is OK again.

You haven't answered my first question?