Excel freezing up very often HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm using Windows 10 pro and Microsoft Office Professional 2019.  I scan in information into Excel using a QR code.  Once the information is in there I'm often times changing the colors of the cells.  Almost daily when I change a color it completely locks up.  It locks up that document and any other Excel document I have open.  This usually lasts a couple of minutes before it unfreezes.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it is not so easy identify a problem and sometimes to correct it.
therefore I recommend you to insert a file (without sensitive data). This way you can be helped more quickly and we can identify the problem more quickly. a win-win situation for everyone.

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@Nikolino  I just added a file so you can take a look.  Thanks!!!

Are you certain the problem is with this file? Have you tried closing other workbooks and add-ins (including COM add-ins)?

I opened the file and performed some formatting, but couldn't replicate the problem. I note you have a lot of unnecessary formatting in the rows below your table and columns to the right and would suggest clearing those (home tab, editing group, clear all) as unnecessary formatting can cause lag problems (sometimes severe).

@JMB17 My thought was that it is this file as it is the only one it happens in.  And always while I'm doing the same thing.  I have a hard time replicating the issue also.  When I have IT people around and try to show them I can never get it to do it.  But it happens almost daily.  Always while doing the same thing.  Changing the color of a cell.  I did the Com add ins a while ago while searching for solutions, it didn't help.  Some of the formatting you are seeing is because I deleted some sensitive information.  But I am going to clear the rest of it as you advised, thanks!!



So I tried to understand your problem but without success. I scanned code several times with a simple hand-held barcode scanner without any problems. It does not hang up anywhere and works idle.
The question that arises for me here is whether the problem could be with the scanner, which it does not follow and is causing problems with excel. It's just a thought, because I can't see any problem here.

If I may ask how and what is being scanned. What kind of QR coder do you use? does he have his own installation software? or is it recognized by Windows only with a driver?

Have you installed the latest drivers for your QR scanner?


Sorry for the question, but maybe the answers could help us.




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