Excel freezes periodically (but doesn't crash) when connected to internet

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With respect to case 28832709, my Excel 365 32 bit version freezes periodically (approximately every 30 seconds) when connected to the internet.  It does not freeze when not connected to the internet or when it is connected to our network.  I am running Windows 11 64 bit.  The reason I'm running the 32 bit version of Office is for the functionality with respect to some of the optional vba services that is not included in the 64 bit version.  


My onedrive is disabled and I've set the Autosave to off.  Interestingly enough, the autosave icons appear on the quick access toolbar even when I've unchecked that option to display in the quick access toolbar.  When I do check the autosave feature to display it, two instances of the autosave icons appear on the quick access toolbar.

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