Excel freeze while removing filteres

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I am using split screen option at office and while removing filters the screen is freeze state, unable to edit . while trying to close showing as below and need to select save option from experience where it ideally it will  be. This issue happened with 2 reports , one very large file with VBA scripts and other is simple without any VBA .  I am using windows 10 enterprise version and my laptop is i5 equipped with 16GB RAM . Any help please  





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When Excel becomes unresponsive or freezes while working with large files or VBA scripts, there could be several factors contributing to this issue. Here are some steps to help diagnose and potentially resolve the problem:

  1. Memory and System Resources:
    • Ensure that your computer has sufficient memory and system resources to handle large Excel files. You mentioned having 16GB of RAM, which should be adequate for most tasks. However, check if other resource-intensive applications are running simultaneously, as they can affect Excel's performance.
  2. Large Files:
    • Large Excel files, especially those with complex VBA scripts or many calculations, can be resource-intensive. Consider optimizing your VBA code and reducing unnecessary calculations.
  3. 64-bit Excel:
    • If you're working with extremely large files, consider using the 64-bit version of Excel, if you aren't already. The 64-bit version can handle larger memory allocations.
  4. Add-Ins and Extensions:
    • Some Excel add-ins or extensions can cause conflicts or slow down Excel. Disable any unnecessary add-ins or extensions and see if that improves performance.
  5. Update Excel:
    • Ensure that you're using the latest version of Excel. Sometimes, performance issues are resolved with software updates. Check for and install any available updates.
  6. Hardware Acceleration:
    • In Excel, go to File > Options > Advanced and scroll down to the Display section. Try disabling hardware graphics acceleration by unchecking the "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" option.
  7. Optimize Your Workbook:
    • Reduce the complexity of your workbook, such as limiting volatile functions, minimizing the use of conditional formatting, and removing unnecessary calculations or references.
  8. Filters:
    • If the issue occurs specifically when removing filters, consider alternative methods for filtering data, such as using tables and structured references, which can be more efficient.
  9. Temporary Files:
    • Sometimes, temporary Excel files can accumulate and slow down Excel. Clear your temporary files by going to File > Options > Advanced and clicking on "Clear" under the "Display" section.
  10. Antivirus and Security Software:
    • Antivirus or security software may interfere with Excel's functionality. Check if disabling such software temporarily resolves the issue.
  11. Update Graphics Drivers:
    • Ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date. Outdated drivers can lead to performance issues.
  12. System Cleanup:
    • Regularly perform system cleanup, including disk cleanup, disk defragmentation, and the removal of unnecessary files.

If the issue persists after trying these steps, it may be specific to your workbook's content or structure. You can consider splitting the workbook into smaller files.

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Thanks for the detailed message. Will try and hope issue will be cleared.

@Vinod2406 , did it work? As I'm having similar issues...

@Alex_Jelly2405  Hi Alex, 


I did these steps just before posting this in the group and currently observing the things.  For now no issues and will update by observing 7 more days. I think add-ins & update excel are key in the list.