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Why is MS Excel Freeze Panes so broken?  I' trying to freeze lines 1 - 4 and columns A - N on a spreadsheet I have created.  I found out that I need to go to the furthest cell and column to the right of the workspace and I successfully froze what I needed.  However, when I went to enter data into the cells, I could no longer scroll past column L and access the other cells.  What gives?


I remember highlighting what you wanted frozen and then clicking Freeze Panes.  It used to work like a charm.  Seem like the software has regressed...

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I have used Excel since its earliest versions, and it has always been necessary to select the cell below the last row that you want to freeze, and to the right of the last column you want to freeze.

So if you want to freeze rows 1 to 4 and columns A to N, you have to select cell O5 and then click Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes.

The window will have to be wide enough to display columns A to N plus at least one column more.