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I'm trying to get a formula that will not change total gallons pumped and the balance, when the is a X in the risers column I've tried =sumifs. any help would be greatly appreciatedScreenshot (5)_LI.jpg

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An image is allegedly worth 1,000 words. It's not worth anywhere near as much as an actual spreadsheet, however, when you're looking for help. So please post a copy of that spreadsheet from which you took the image shot. That way we can work with the actual, rather than creating another one.


And let us know how you wrote your =SUMIF formula, what happened, what you wanted to happen.


I'm assuming you want the total up at the top to count all lines except those with X in the risers column, but you make it easier to help you by being very specific on desired outcome.

Thank you, I uploaded the spreadsheet, anything in the risers marked with a X I don't want counted in the total gallons pumped or to affect the balance. I need to separate them and right now it totals in both the total gallons pumped and gallons pumped at the risers and changes the balance.
Thank you for your help


See attached, SUMIF(What are you evaluating, what are you evaluating against, and what to total if it meets the criteria)


this was the formula in cell F5: =SUMIF(O13:O37,"",E13:E37), I'm evaluating on a blank field to total for non riser gas pumped. 


in I5, I used formula =SUMIF(O13:O37,"X",E13:E37) assuming that you wanted to total the risers separately. 


Didn't see a cell built out for the balance though. Lemme know if you have questions