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Good Morning!


Need some help figuring out how to have these three columns show the end date of a project, soon as I input the NTP Start Date.

Example: NTP Date 10/01/2022 + Contract Period Date (60 Days) = Contract End Date 11/30/2022 

NTP  DateConst. Contract Period (Days)Contract Period End Date


Thank you for any assistance. 

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Let's say these are columns A, B and C.

In C2:


=IF(OR(A2="", B2=""), "", A2+B2)


Fill down as far as you want. (If your data are in a table, the formula should be propagated down automatically)

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thank you! I will try this and see if it works. 

@Hans Vogelaar
My columns are H, I, J
When I put your formula in it is thinking I want 60 days for all. What I am looking for is, whatever date is inputted in column H and whatever number is inputted in column I equal a the date I need the project completed by. Column H and I will always be different numbers.


Make sure that Calculation Options on the Formulas tab of the ribbon is set to Automatic.

Also make sure that the formula in J2 is

=IF(OR(H2="", I2=""), "", H2+I2)

without any $ in the formula, and that you have filled or copied it down from J2.

@Hans Vogelaar
Thank so much, it works! You are awesome....