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Page 2 Cell D12, if the number in D12 changes than the same need to fall under sheet 1 according to the range.

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I tried to understand it but...
I guess it is something pretty particular and appologies for not understanding it well.

On Page 2 Cell D12 there is a formula SUM() refering some ranges of the Page 1.
What is the meaning for 3 different tables with segments and different ranges?



Hi thanks for replying


I have attached a new excel sheet where you can see DISC_Sample. The process goes to choose 1 answer from the (most) and 1 answer from the (least). so the first table if I choose "S" from M and "D"from Land then on page 2 in the tally box row 1 label S should calculate as 1 and row 2 Label D calculate as 1.


second table "S" from M and "D"from L and again on Page 2 Label D should plus 1 the mark. same as all the processes. that's y I did a new design and formulated it with numbers to calculate on page 2. I'll attach the original format for you to read through and help with the coding. Some details are changed from the original file to excel but the process is the same.