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I am a complete newbie to Excel.

I have a workbook for my small business showing .Sales. stock and purchases.

Each on a separate sheet.

What I need is to have sales automatically deduct from the stock sheet and purchases automatically added to the stock sheet.

Is this at all possible?

Using 2019 Excel.






Thanks for any help.


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When you enter a formula, you just have to navigate to the other sheet within the workbook, and make the cell(s) from the other sheets part of the formula. In other words, start from the sheet where you want the result to appear, then create the formula by selecting the proper cells in the other sheets.  You can select data from any other cells, either from sheets within the same workbook, or even pull from other workbooks. Make sense?

Thanks bhana66, I think I understand, will try and let you know if I am successful.