Excel Formulas and Copy Down Rows

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I just started Windows 2016.  I typed in a formula to concatenate tow cells.  However, the formula shows up in the cell instead of the results.  I know if you click in the cell and hit F9 the results show up but I need the results to show up automatically.


Also, when I try to copy the formula down the rows it copies the first formula without changing to the next row numbers, it is not restricted by a $ sign so it should copy the formula with a new row number each time.


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Barbara,    Sorry I'm not your savior.  Having same problems myself.  Didn't know about the F9 trick.   I stumbled across (1. highlight cell. 2. click in formula bar to right of formula.  3.  hit enter.  ???? )  Go figure.   I have been doing this on nine cells every day.  You've helped me immensely though.  Turns out the F9 trick on first problem cell automatically works on any adjacent cells using the same:  (IF:  A>0 ).

        I'm waiting on the same savior though.  It's a REAL  PAIN.

Hello Barbara


Excel sucks the format from one of the cells in your formula. And that would be Text. You have to change the number format into General and press F2 and then ENTER.


You might have to do this operation every time you change the formula.



It sounds like you have auto calc turned off.  Go to File, Options, Formulas.  

In my situation I'm making entries each day and have spreadsheet extended out for months. Can this solution work by highlighting the entire column, reformatting to General, then hitting F2 for the whole column ????

You bet!


For a bunch of cells in a column:

Select the cells, goto Data -> Text to columns -> Click on Finish.


YOU'RE A GODSEND !!! Simple --- though DUUUH How did manage to turn it off ????? Been using for couple months no problem. Did have to extend length of entire spreadsheet then began.

Thanks so much.
Rusty Dane hit it out of the park for me. His suggestion completely solved my problem. Hope that's your solution as well.