Excel formular error

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Dear all,

I have and error in formula and the error box appear as below.


However I can't edit my formula to fix the issue. I also can't save or close or undo my excel.

Anyone pls help me with this issue.



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Hi @tuanng47 


To cancel and leave the formula just press Esc on the keyboard.

What do you want your formula to do?

If you want to write the text as it appears , you can just add single quotation at the beginning  '



@tuanng47 What exactly are you trying to do here?

Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 07.38.20.png

The "+" in the beginning tells Excel to expect a formula. Perhaps you want to return a text string exactly looking like that. Then enter an space or apostrophe in front. Or enter ="+82:82B865:103"