Excel formulae not working

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Getting this error when any formulae which needs to be linked to multiple cells are typed. E.g. Vlookup, Concatenate.

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You need to show us what you have in the formula bar.
trying to perform vlookup or concatenation. it does not work and gives the above error
it does not let me complete the formula. that is the problem. lets say i am looking up a value from column A to column E. And then i type =vlookup(A2, E2 by the time i click on cell in column E i get an error posted above
Try using a semi-colon in place of the comma.
It sounds like the list separator is set to a semi-colon under Windows>Settings>Additional date, time and regional settings>Region>Change date, time or number formats>Additional Settings>List Separator.
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@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP You are awesome. it worked. thanks a lot.