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As discussed please look at the below.
The issue I have is with the Dashboard tab.
Everything has a formula except Column C ‘Budgeted’ as this needs a monthly manual input and can change each month.
Row 3 is a drop down for the month but when I swap to a new month the ‘Budgeted’ amount does not change. So I need a formula for those amounts to change when the month changes.
Hopefully someone can help.
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As you said budgeted column(C) is a manual input column. Why would it update if there isn't a dynamic formula that responds to changes in the month dropdown menu?

Any ideas on what formula I would need.

Hi Andy- What would you like to see upon choosing a value from the month dropdown menu? I'm a bit confused. Would you want to see the values in Column C?



What I want to see is that when I change the month in the drop the budgeted amount in column C changes with the month selected.




From where should it source the data corresponding to the selected months?
I guess that’s part of the question. Do I need a separate table for the budgets amount?

@Andyshepasyou should keep a distinct table for your monthly budget information. Kindly refer to the provided screenshot for guidance.




Yes, makes sense thanks. I guess the only thing I’m missing is how do I get the table to reference the drop down so that when you change the month it automatically selects the correct numbers. Thanks
The formula I provided already accounts for this. It references the month field. However, ensure that your 'budget' data follows the format shown in the screenshot above.
I can’t see the actual formula. Could you send it please.
Sorry I can see the formula now.
Hi Santos,

Still struggling to get this to work, it keeps returning the type e.g. ‘Clare Salary’ - =INDEX(Sheet1!$A$4:$C$10,MATCH(A5,Sheet1!$A$4:$A$10,0), MATCH($B$3, Sheet1!$B$2:$C$2,0))
Don't include header in your INDEX formula.