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Good evening all.


I have a big spreadsheet where I need to perform a task I don't know how to do it:



1  M

2  N


For instance, I have the data shown above. Then I have this formula in cell D1  =$A1.

Now what I want to do is copy this formula to cell E1 but I want it to show =$A2.


The only way I'm getting this is copy the formula and then manually edit it.

Is there a way of do this less "manually"?


Thank you very much in advance



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@Carlos Figueiras 


Hi Carlos


Try ' in front of the formula in E1 and autofill down.


Example: '=$A1


That will show text only of your formula.


If you're looking for something more intricate, please write back?




The formula in D1, copied across columns starting in E1, is:

@Damien Rosario 


Hi Damien.


Thank you for your reply.


Sorry for my mistake. I don't want the cells to show the formula. what I really want is cell D1 to show "M" and cell E1 to show "N". In other words, I want to copy the formula along one line and the formula must show the data across column A.


Thank you




Hi Twifoo.


I'm trying to test your formula, but I'm afraid the language of my Excell (portuguese) neither recognize the 'column' input nor has an equivalent input. Or I can not find it. I'm trying to solve this my new problem and then I'll come back to you.


Thank you




@Carlos Figueiras 


Oooh if you want to pull the formula down the column for =$A1 =$A2, etc then please try this.


1. Click into cell D1, you should see a small square at the bottom right of the cell.




2. Hover your mouse cursor over the dot and left click and hold down the button.

3. Drag down and the formula will go =$A2, =$A3, etc.


Left click the suqare, bottom right of the cell and drag downLeft click the suqare, bottom right of the cell and drag downHere's the resultHere's the result

One other way to do it if you are doing many cells, is to select the cells in your column you want to have the formula in, go to the Home tab > (Editing) Fill > Down


This will autofill the formula to what you have selected.




Let me know if this is what you were after please?