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I have a spreadsheet. I need a formula to add 2 cells together, one of the cells will be a different cell depending if there is a value in another cell I have tried sumifs with the value for the 3rd cell as either <0 or >0 but can't get it to work also tried countifs


My answer needs to be sum of A+D if B is less than zero or sum of C+D if B is more than zero

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Last argument if b1 =0 then 0

Thank you, it works if the value in B1 is more than 0, however if it is 0 or left blank then the answer is blank so I have to put in a minus value, tried changing the first part to B1BLANK but that didn't work


What do you want to return if B1 is blank? And if B1 contains 0?

if B1 is blank or 0 I want to return the sum of A1 and D1


Change the formula to




Thank you