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Greetings of the day,


I have a category in data like officer  & staff. in which I want to show the training due date by using the Edate formula. but where an officer is there, there should be shows "NA" & if there is staff in the category I want to run the Edate formula. 


Please suggest ways to to do it.

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That could be something like:

=IF(A1="Staff", EDATE(------------),"NA")

Thank you so much for such a quick response. I was stuck & exhausted on this. you relived me.
Thank you for the response.
But there is more in a category.
Ex. I want "NA" for Officer & Foreman, then Edate formula on Staff & FO.
Please suggest me formula for this.

@Kasafkhan Same principle but add the OR function and perhaps wiser to check for the ones that don't need training.

=IF(OR(A1="Officer",A1="Foreman"),"NA", EDATE(-----------))

Thank you, works very well.
but can you please suggest, if I want to remove that default date "30-dec-1904" from a blank cell, where a date is not available.

@Kasafkhan Perhaps better to show the complete picture in one go, rather than adding small pieces to the problem. what do you mean by "that default date of 30-dec-1904"?