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Hi guys


Would anyone happen to know the formula to make the below a sequence instead of me typing the numbers in? 




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Hi @jonoross 


You seem to have an offset of 29 weeks since the begin. of the year




in B3:

Thanks heaps! Do you know how to make it carry over into the new year?



2 things please:
1/ As mentioned in Welcome to your Excel discussion space!

- Your platform (Windows, Mac...)

- Your Excel version


2/ What week number do you expect after Dec 31, 2021?



Week 29 next year please

I have a wondows Surface laptop
I have the most recent Excel Version



Question was: What week number do you expect after Dec 31, 2021?
You said: Week 29 next year please


According to your current offset by 29 weeks, last weeknum in Dec 2021 is #24. Logically 1st weeknum in calendar year 2022 should be 25. Assuming you really want 29 instead, could you give the date (mm/dd/yyyy) where weeknum should = 1 in your 2022 calendar?


The weeks will be ongoing. Is there anyway to make it unlimited weeks?



Perhaps you mean something like this