Excel formula to auto -populate data from a raw file

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Good day everyone, I'm just a newbie here and don't know much about the excel formula.

Any advise, tips and tricks regarding to how to auto-populate a certain cell with same name but also have different data. I just attached here my sample as I input it manually. Thanks and hope I can get good result. Thanks everyone.Capture.PNG

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First, you will need to separate Currency type (USD) and Price in to separate columns.

Second, I would recommend that you look into the UNIQUE, XLOOKUP, and MMULT commands.

It appears that you want the UNIQUE entries from column A in Column J
Then use XLOOKUP to find common values from C and D into K and M
Then Use XLOOKUP and potentially MMULT to find container size and sum the totals of all lines that match Code and Container size.

You can check the MS reference page "https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/office/developer/office-2010/ff194068(v=office.14)" or you can google how each of those commands work.

This was all written with the assumption that you want to research and learn.

@Lemlim Alternatively, use a pivot table, as demonstrated in the attached file.