Excel Formula - stringing cells with Concatenate-Len in 1 cell

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Utilizing Excel 2016 - I need to string together 4 cells in a column.
Cell A1 =CONCATENATE(LEN(D1),”:”,LEN(C1),”:”,LEN(B1))
Cell B1
Cell C1
Cell D1

I need 4 cells to be combined to read:

They have to be exact and cannot drop any zeros in front of the numbers.

Thank you!
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Are these fields contain fixed number of digits ??
I mean four digits(0010) like (1234) or may contain more ???
You can use this formula to get the desired result in Cell A1





They do not have fixed digits. And I have to combine the formula already used in A1 to combine all 4 cells information somehow. Thank you!
I am sorry Detlef Lewin,
But this will not include the leading zeros..
Thats what Pamela Concepcion asked for..


It worked in my spreadsheet.


@Detlef Lewin 

The green arrow on the left top corner in the image represents Text Formatting..
In the formula I gave I have added it in case of other format...


For reference..Click here.

Also read the comment at the end of the page by chris.