Excel formula(s) to locate workbook and extract data

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Hello everybody!!!
In a nutshell, I have a document that I need to have filled with nee/updated information on a repetitive basis. I set up my document in Excel and am looking for a formula (s) to locate and extract text from a specific csv document…
Please let me know if I can answer any questions to help?

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@JStender1994 Well, you'll have to give a bit more information. What is "nee/updated information"? Can you share the Excel file (or at least a representative example of it)? Can you share the CSV file, or at least part of it? What text needs to be extracted from that CSV and how does it need to be incorporated in the Excel document?

@JStender1994 Hi. Assuming Excel 365;

Connect to the csv by

Data: Get Data: From File: From Text/CSV...

[Choose the file]

Click Load


You will have your data in a "Table".

Select a cell in the table and you will have a new menu, Table Design where you next time can do a Refresh (also by typing Ctrl+alt+F5)

I’ll get a couple templates set up and submit them for review & comment.
Sorry this took sooooooo long!!! Please take a look at the link, I hope this explains better?