Excel Formula pulling text from another cell

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a1 = apple

a2 = pear


=VLOOKUP($C8,'1. COM SERVICE'!$C$4:$J$25,6)

I need to make '1. COM SERVICE' variable.

VLOOKUP($C8,'a1'!$C$4:$J$25,6) so it would be VLOOKUP($C8,'apple'!$C$4:$J$25,6)

VLOOKUP($C8,'a2'!$C$4:$J$25,6) so it would be VLOOKUP($C8,'pear'!$C$4:$J$25,6)

Thanks for any help.


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You may use INDIRECT, as variant

=VLOOKUP($C8,INDIRECT( "'" & A1 & "'!$C$4:$J$25" ),6)

@Sergei Baklan 

Thank you so VERY much.

 It worked perfectly. 
Have. Wonderful day !

@RobMoore67 , you are welcome